Thursday, January 07, 2010

forced entry #214

Yesterday I meandered about the house in my pajamas. I wanted to do this or that, small accomplishments that may give the day some purpose, but I never got around to them. It just wasn’t in me to be productive.

I'm not sure why. I suppose my almost crippling laziness has something to do with it, but with no crucial obligations to fulfill, I would assume I could at least do something as small and insignificant as write 300 words or read some of the book I'm in the middle of.

Instead I read a bunch of articles regarding pop culture on line, and chatted with friends, then watched a bad movie. It is true that I had a playdate with her, but she canceled and I realized, after she canceled, that I had nothing better to do than just waste time on the internet.

Well, I had better things to do, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do them.

Nothing online taught me anything I didn’t already suspect or know. Just a bunch of gossip in the air. Judgments and opinions. Accusations and denials. I cant honestly say what I was searching for, only that I didn’t find it.

I guess I'm having another “whats it all mean, anyway?” moments.

Cest la vie.


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