Monday, June 30, 2008

pre-vacation jitters

today is the day before my vacation, so there is that knot of anticipation in my stomach. you know the one.

ive got to pack my bags and order a cab and tie up all these loose ends. it doesnt help that there are deadlines looming like buzzards overhead. things to worry about. items to pore over.

but it'll all be gone soon. ill be on a jet plane and thirty thousand feet in the air and reading a book or maybe watching Virgin Airlines in flight programming. ill have a few drinks in me. thats a given. possibly one of those mini bottles of wine or maybe a can of domestic lager or, most likely, a couple tiny bottles of whiskey and a cup of gingerale.

i wont be reachable most days. ill be at my mothers house. she lives way up north in california, among the rolling hills and giant redwoods and dry, dry patches of field that wait patiently to catch fire. the other days ill be in san francisco and ill be answering my phone most of the time, unless im passed out on the floor of some trannies hotel room surrounded by trance cd's and porno magazines and tin foil and cocaine. then it might be harder to reach me.

i plan on seeing friends, old and new, and maybe catching a movie and copping some new music. i will definitely eat a burrito and, at some point for sure, i will be so high i'll have to take a moment to collect myself.

typical san francisco shit.

i will try to avoid the hills but i wont be able to. i will try to keep my money in order but i wont be able to.

i might dj on wednesday night, but then again, i might not, i might just get drunk. either way...


in other news, after world class douchebag noel gallagher from oasis told the press that jay-z headlining the glastonbury festival was a huge mistake that would result in failure, jay-z went ahead and murdered it. that is quite impressive. go to hell noel, with your 2 1/2 good songs. youre band hasnt been good since 1997. eat shit.


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