Thursday, June 12, 2008

forced entry #3

this is one of those days where posting seems meaningless. i have work to do. i have places to be. i have things that need to be confirmed, reiterated, proposed, checked up on. but at the same time. i got nothing.


i downloaded the new firefox 3.0. i guess it works better. i cant really tell. aesthetically its a bit more pleasing, but i was never concerned with its appearance. the search history has more elaborate graphics. and the bookmarks are a little easier to sort through. but after all the time i spent getting used to the old firefox, these changes dont matter. they are just changes. unnecessary improvements.

i also downloaded a chat client called miranda. which so far is pretty cool, but i still havent determined if it makes my life easier.

yesterday i played frisbee. the heat broke a couple nights ago. ripped apart by a small thunderstorm. so the weather was bearable enough to run in. afterwards i rode my bike around the neighborhood contemplating dinner. by the time i got home i was drenched in sweat.

somewhere along the line i hurt my neck, now i have a case of the frankenstein swivel. cant turn my head to the left without moving my entire body. thats not so much fun.

tomorrow i think ill post some links. today, im giving up.


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