Tuesday, June 10, 2008

invisible blogger

ive kept my online status message the same for the last few days. im avoiding people online, and figure if i change it they will be alerted to my presence. im virtually ducking and dodging. so far its worked. no one has discovered me yet.

i usually dont avoid people. not to say im confrontational, quite the opposite really, but if something needs to be addressed ill suck it up and address it. in this case we are changing focus in our company and i have to tell a lot of labels that we are going to be phasing out certain aspects of our business. it has to be done if we want to keep ahead in the game, but i know some labels will be put off by it. as it stands, there are a few labels we havent made final decisions on, and i dont really want to talk to them until we have, hence the cyber-hiding.

but thats neither here nor there.


today i have to clean the house and print out a letter and mail it on the way to the bank. i should probably wash the dishes and do some laundry too. im just procrastinating now. but i'll get to it.


i bought a book. the brief wondrous life of oscar wao. its supposed to be pretty good, im excited to read it. ive run into a rough patch of books lately. every one i read bores me towards the middle. i found myself re-reading trainspotting on the subway just because i knew i would be entertained by it. the crackle of its prose, the cadence of the dialect it was written in. the strong, well defined voices in each character. the humor and the sadness. its not the greatest book ever written, but its well and fine light reading that leaves a bigger impression on me than half the crap ive been subjected to recently. this new book i bought though, looks pretty good. it won a Pulitzer, but i wont let that shade my opinion of it. ill let the words on the pages sell me.


a friend called me yesterday. he has an abscess on a region of his body best left unsaid. he told me he could hardly walk, it hurt to sit, and unfortunately, he had been cursed with gas. he cant get a surgeon until thursday, and the painkillers they gave him werent working. i asked him what he scored. "glorified ibuprofen," he said.


i thought about him sitting there - no, laying there- in excruciating pain, in this heat and living alone, and decided i would do something about it. he needed painkillers. something to tide him over until he could get to the hospital. i called my friend that recently passed kidney stones. he had a full bottle of percosets to spare. i cabbed it to his house, picked up a bottle, shook hands and shot the shit, then headed to my hurting homies crib to lace him with the goods.

he was more than grateful. paying for my cab and buying us a couple six packs. we sat around in a slight narcotic daze watching the bonus features on LOST dvd's. we smoked cigarettes on his balcony and sighed about the heat. at around midnight i strapped on my ipod and headed home. i walked the whole way. it was pleasant.


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