Wednesday, June 11, 2008

imminent purge

i really have take care of my cd's. yeah, THAT "take care of."

well, not all of them, but a lot of them. most of them. lets be honest here, at this point they are just taking up space. they are everywhere. multi-level towers crowding up my desk. boxes and shelves stuffed almost beyond capacity. random bags filled up to the brim, lost in the corners of our apartments less frequented areas. compact disc fill all the small spaces in between all the books (themselves a pesky litter but in this age hold more value). they are in all the drawers. on top of every surface.

i have one area on my desk that holds cd's that i actually listen to. and even here some albums are up to question. do i listen to them? sure. but do i listen to them on cd? never. if anything, i listen to them on my computer. they are now digital files. the actual disk they are on, well, it sits on a shelf collecting motes of dust like so many cd's in my one bedroom apartment.

some i wont throw away. there are still albums and compilations that deserve their own packaging, that provide an experience beyond just the melodies that get stuck in your head. but looking at artist and titles like, Revolver, Radiohead, Nirvana, Jungle Warfare, Underground Resistance, DK Presents..., Jay Z, J Live, Prince Paul, Pink Floyd. there is just no way those cd's are going to get trashed. if anything, they might get lent out. but thats even stretching it. some albums you just dont part with.

but looking at one of the two towers of cd's directly in front of me, do i really need The Death Row Singles Collection? Do i need the last, typically underwhelming Pete Rock cd? the Henrik Schwarz Dj Kicks is cool, but whens the last time i wanted to put that cd in? who the hell is Charlemagne anyway, and anything titled Future Disco has to suck balls. and these were only the random ones i choose while tapping away at the keyboard, yet to be mentioned is the completely unnecessary Big Shug record, the smattering of demos, and the overwhelming pile of mix and promotional cd's i have stacked on top of each other.

these can all go. all of em.

and the blank cd's with no label? they can all go too. as well the doubles and triples to promos i never sent out. and anything in a font i cant read. throw that shit in the trash. also, slip covers. throw those out. i hate them. most jewel cases too, you cant put more into your packaging? you suck and you get thrown out. anything un opened? christ, if i cant even open you to give you a listen then you must really fucking suck. throw. it. out.

ive purged my albums once. i doubt i do it again anytime soon. im not getting as much vinyl these days anyway. besides, im sitting on four thousand records. im too lazy to even go through them, and i know when i do, i wont want to throw any of them out. ill just want to play. and then we have an even bigger mess.

but the cd's? they gotta go. they gotta get rubbed out. wacked. sent a message. have met an unfortunate accident. done in. the cd's, they gonna be sleeping with the fishes.


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