Wednesday, May 21, 2008

in between the lines

so i got all these pills.

some are blue and oval shaped. some are big and white. some are pink. some are broken in half. some are capsules with yellow rings on them. a few are muscle relaxers. others are pain killers. some are trial and i dont know what they do.

i experiment with them. i make cocktails. its dangerous but i dont care. i throw caution to the wind. i take one blue pill and one yellow ringed capsule and i take three halves of the broken ones. i wash them down my throat with beer. i roll a cigarette after. i am a daredevil.

i reason the dosage respectfully. i didnt mix them before i had experienced their effects on their own. the blue ones drug me down into a deep sleep. the yellow ringed capsules were mellow and cannoned small waves of faintness through me. the broken ones warmed me up and added a fuzziness to my veins. the big white one made me feel funny. the pink one gave me a headache. i didnt do those two again.

my man t-pill hooked me up with them. hence the nickname. he brings them too me in ripped sheets of saran wrap or crumpled up napkins. i think this is how they break. he slides them to me behind the bar and i buy him a beer. it is less a transaction than a courtesy. i would probably buy him a pint anyway. he gets them from his doctor, who has been throwing him various drugs since he had spinal surgery two months ago. t-pill doesnt need or want all they give him, which ranges from unlimited refills for every day brand name painkillers to handfuls of samples for yet-to-be-released trial drugs, so he gives a lot away.

lately, because of how busy i am, i havent been able to take them. the pills have been piling up. ive got a few more days of hard nosed work to finish and then i will be somewhat liberated. summer will be here. no more classes no more books no more teachers dirty looks. you know the score.


bonus - best band name ive heard in a while: Sexcrement


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