Wednesday, May 28, 2008

taking a day

lets see, what have i been up to...

me and L-curvaceous watched half nelson last night. everybody raved about it when it came out a couple of years ago. i can see why. yeah yeah ryan gosling is brilliant and the little girl is some weird black dakota fanning bitch, i get it. but in the end what made me love the movie was it inspired me to do two things: write stories and smoke crack. so in the general framework of my reasoning that movie wins on all counts.

we intended to watch Stardust. i think thats got like, michel phifer and robert deniro in it, but i could be wrong. i remember it got good reviews and bad reviews and not many in the middle, so i figured it was worth a chance. the DVD wouldn't play though. kept halting during the opening credits. we wiped off the disk. blew in the player [nintendo system style], and restarted it a few times, but it was busted. plain and simple. kind of a bummer because we prepared ourselves for something "magical and adventurous," and instead got something "sad and literary." needless to say, L-curvaceous declared it a 'total downer,' towards the middle and curled up on my shoulder and fell asleep.

i went to the dentist yesterday for my final deep cleaning. they did the top of my mouth. it hurt a little. the anesthesia made my lip feel like it hung to my chin. i couldn't take a pull from a cigarette or drink beer from a bottle and my smile looked creepy and weird. like i had collagen in my lips. when the novocaine wore off my mouth throbbed in pain. figures, the one time i need painkillers and i don't have them. cest la vie. i drank beer and took some advil. then i drank more beer and then some wine.

oh, were you wondering how my girlfriend was?

L-curvaceous is great. the other night we were on her vespa revving over the brooklyn bridge on the way to the west village for martini's and tapas and i thought, "we are so new york." and we are.

just a few nights earlier i was djing at a club called the vault [which is really a converted bank vault in the east village] and i was wasted on raspberry vodka and makers mark manhattan'sand spinning new jack swing to a bunch of hipsters. one of my good friends [a black queen named chris who i adore] is moving to amsterdam to do the marketing for adidas. the party was for him. L-curvaceous looked classy with her fancy drink and big tits, working the crowd while i was swaying behind the decks. she left before me and i did a few bumps of cocaine in the bathroom stalls and picked up a couple slices of pizza before i hopped in a cab to go home.

she was awake when i walked through the door but both of us, like the dead kennedy's song, were "too drunk to fuck," so we watched top chef instead [that lisa chick should have gone home. shes as big an asshole, but a lesser chef, than dale]

She teaches pilates. one of her clients is in the fashion industry. L-curvaceous says she acts exactly like janice dickinson. she used to go to studio 54 with ralph lauren [who would ditch her when he found a young boy to bring home] and take quaaludes with celebrities in the exclusive basement room. she also toured with the stones and did heroin with keith richards. now she is some big time fashion exec that makes 600k a year and sometimes when lea goes to her house to teach pilates she waves her hand and says "i don't feel like working out today, grab a glass of champagne and we'll talk about LOST." so L-curvaceous gets a hundred dollars to get tipsy and discuss who is in the coffin. its all very sex and the city.

she also got a new bike. its fancy. we take super long bike rides that, towards the end, make me grumpy because I'm so out of shape. but she encourages me the whole way, telling me I'm "doing great," and that I'm "very brave." she tries not to leave me in the dust even though i tell her to go on without me, to save herself. she wont though. she makes sure i finish with her.

basically she is good looking and smart and witty and clever and totally makes a bunch of money and is living the dream. I'm just along for the ride.

and that's her story.

anyway, I'm totally taking a day off. i deserve one. just figured id update the ol' blog. why not, right?


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