Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a quick 48 hours

i took friday off. i drank beer and smoked weed and wrote an eight page paper that went no where. i have to re-write it but its ok. it didnt turn out very good. not all of them do.

i stayed up pretty late writing the paper and drinking more beer and smoking more weed and then finally surrendering to the couch and the television and the remote control. i watched a tivoed episode of top chef and fell asleep midway through it. i woke up on the couch and on the screen was three middle aged people wearing sunglasses and playing poker. i turned it off and went to bed.

i woke up twenty minutes after i was supposed to be at school. there was a dull narcotic heaviness in my bones. i stared at the alarm clock with a dumb look on my face for about five minutes before the alarm went off again and startled me from my stupor. there was a moment where i didnt want to believe what time it was. i wanted it to all be some big mistake. i waited for it to come to me, the big realization that i was wrong, it wasnt 9:50 in the morning. the sun wasnt so bright. school hadnt started yet.

but it had. i pulled on my jeans and slid into a clean t-shirt and i called a cab while brushing my teeth. half an hour later i stumbled into class and mumbled hello and sat down as if nothing happened.

i decided later that day to pick up my turntables from the bar. ive been leaving them there after i play instead of bringing them home so i can practice in between gigs. who has the time to practice anyway? but before then i meet L-thunder at a bike shop to pick up her new wheels.

she recently decided she needed a new bike. a road bike. so she went out and got one. thats her process.

we met in front of the shop and she was still wearing her work clothes and i was still wearing my pajama sweater top. the sales guy already had her bike ready to ride out. there were people every where, trying on helmets and clicking the heels of cycling footwear and squeezing the cushion on the fancy bike seats. guys were dressed in full cycling outfits; tight shorts and shiny shirts and wrap around sunglasses, as if they were heading straight to a race right after they purchased a new heart monitor a pair of tiny socks.

we get her bike and its beautiful. a sleak black frame with those curling handlebars you can lean far into. she giggles while we walk it home. i sit back and admire the large wheels as they turn. we go pick up my bike and take a long ride out to the Verrazano Bridge. we cruise the neighborhoods and marvel at the big houses. we get off our bikes near the park and stare through the trees out onto the river. we ride to a baseball field and watch some kids play catch. then we ride all the way back home. her bike never once gives her problems and when she asked if she looked cute on it i said hell yeah baby you look cute as all hell.

when we get back she immediately changes and goes to meet a friend for cocktails. i opt to stay home to do homework but end up watching porno and smoking weed instead. seeing the night spiraling nowhere i decide to go get my decks.

and were back here again.

i get to the bar and T-pint is already there and he's laughing in and slurring and i can tell by the volume of his voice that belligerence has long settled in. i buy him a pint and, feeling festive for no reason, myself a margarita. the owner comes over and tells me that everything is great and she is smiling kind of maniacally. i text my Money, my dealer, to see if he has weed. T-pint slaps me on the back and calls me an asshole and tells me to buy him another beer. i motion to the bartender another round but switch to whiskey. Money text back to come over and i text back ill be right there. i swallow my whiskey in two gulps and put a coaster on the top of my beer and give T-pint the finger and say ill be right back.

at Money's house he is playing video games with his roommate. i lay the cash down for a bag and pack a bowl from the stash on the table. his roommate is good looking in the way that people who surf and play tennis a lot look good. he offers to make me a drink while Money gets the weed. he comes back with something that taste like iced tea with a hint of vodka in it and i drink half of it in my first few gulps. we all agree to go back tothe bar and pick up my turntables and go to another bar after we drop them off.

we get to the first bar and its at capacity so the bouncer wont let us in. i look inside through the window and see nothing but the black shadows of bodies huddled up against each other. we go to a restaurant where my friend is DJing and order a few more beers and a few more glasses of whiskey at the bar. the bartender is cute and i flirt with her when ordering my drink but she ignores me. the owners of the restaurant give me evil eyes when i try to stand next to the DJ booth so we stay near the bar getting drunk and rejected until its late enough to try the other one again.

the first bar is no longer at capacity and we get to the bar and order a round of beers and i order another whiskey. the place is still packed and we can hardly hear each other over the din of conversation. L-thunder text me and says shes back at the palace with her friend and a pile of cocaine. i tap my friends on the shoulder and we pay the tab and then hitthe store for a few six packs on the way home.

back at the house we smoke cigarettes and do cocaine and i try to remain impressive while not being too arrogant. i dont think i pulled it off. at seven thirty am everyone leaves and me and her crawls into bed and let our skin touch while we drift to sleep.


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