Friday, May 11, 2007

welcome home

Sup yall, lets see what comes out drunken and thick into the night.

i spent my free hours working. So it goes these days. I helped organize an artist in store*, which was wild and successful. The artist, Mr. V, had a warm and comfortable stage presence. It was a very casual, conversational performance. After a short DJ set, he then played snippets from the album, sharing small stories (of what his mood was when it was made, of what inspired the session, of the people that he molded the album from) before each song. I was impressed. For the last song he asked the store to turn up all the house lights, to burn the place as hot as they could go, then dropped his signature house cut and let the crowd release. Virgin Megastore Union Square, for about 15 seconds, had transformed its café into a Body & Soul party. It was one of those moments. rare and unforgettable and undeniably new york city. Fuckin phenomenal. We sold about 30 cds. Everyone was happy with it.

the next day was spent doing average, ordinary, work at home shit. Check email. Send email. Set chat to available. Chat with coworker. Chat with friend. Chat with label. Check email. Call someone. Leave a message. Answer phone. Ignore call. Watch porno. Check email. Chat with friend. Call someone. Leave a message.

That night was the actual release party. it was at Cielo and it was a fucking zoo. I sloshed half my martini on the crowd just trying to get from the bar to the smoking patio. I saw a DJ friend I hadn’t spoken too in a while. We talked about records that weren’t yet released and club spaces that were dead, filled with ghost. I bought him a drink and got myself another. I don’t remember much after that.

Now its late and I just got back from the bar. my head is filled with many things, but they aren’t words. not tonight.

I've got to go to bed.

I should be in bed right now.

I should be sleeping.

i think i will.

*an in store is when the artist performs live at a retail location. It is usually for a short bit of time and with limited sound equipment, just a taste to give direct consumers, in hopes that they will then immediately buy the album. The store usually will buy in about 200 copies of the album for an instore event. The hopes are they will sell at least half of them, or else it isn’t worth the time.


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