Wednesday, September 06, 2006


im in no state to argue my point, nor am i capable of developing proper sentences, but im here and im queer, get used to it.

long pause...

i plan to write whatever i can in 15 minutes. only because im drunk. only because im stoned. only because ive seen this episode a million times before.

christ, i dont know why i started this post, but im already involved with it, so i'll play along.

we dragged ourselves out tonight, me and L-sidekick, after a mess of a monday with a crew of misfits. there were pitchers of beer that were left half empty and we were all drowning in suds by that time. this was at Soda, a bar on Vanderbilt, smack dab in the middle of the heights. we had a Belgium white with lemon slices and a bitter IPA i sipped and winced at. we had old staples like sierra nevada in double pitchers that people sipped from like mugs. doug had a mozzarella sandwich and jen showed up with a friend. everyone was grinning and by the time we reached the palace wine bottles had been corked and Nicolay was setting up a practice performance in the kitchen.

we got home at 11 but it felt like 3. L-sidekick puked and then passed out, i fell asleep watching tv.

but we dragged ourselves out tonight. and it was good. you shoulda been there.


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