Friday, August 25, 2006

overheard mutterings... you nevermind

i've been called many things by many people, arrogant, fragile, gangly, lazy, dull, dumb, smart, honest, insane and surprisingly stable. a liar, a tease, a stoner, a liberal, a joker, a fraud and a pervert. senseless, sensible, textbook, typical, commonplace and none of the above. they all could be right. i don’t really mind either way.


i don’t know what kind of person likes noir, but i think im that type of person. i like the gritty poetry of the dialog and the seedy streets its born in, where it seems more romantic and exaggerated and dark and glowing like the cherry on a cigarette shining so bright that it makes everything else look black and white. and all the men are manly but beaten and bruised and all the women are slutty but won’t give it up. everything’s done in an alleyway and all the shots are doubles and nobody gets cancer but they smoke two packs a day. i like things kind of dirty. noir is kind of dirty. the math is easy.


i went to a focus group this evening for an advertising firm. i was a subject. their target market demographic. it was for a popular imported beer, a friend of mine invited me to participate. it paid free pizza, free beer, and $75. i'd have been a fool to pass it up. so i went down there and i ate a slice and drank some beer and answered a few questions with a few other guys while a camera crew recorded us and a light shined in our face. my friend was the moderator, and he did a pretty good job. at one point i made a comment and he said, 'thats a very good point you bring up,' and he wrote something down. i couldnt tell if he said it because he genuinely was impressed with my insight or if it was a clever tactic to encourage more dialog in the group. but it worked either way, so bravo to him. it was easy money and i met a couple cool dudes and shook a couple familiar hands and met a red hot bartender at a newly opened spot at this hidden little bar in the lower east side. its called Home Sweet Home, check it out if youre in the area.


it seems someone has been really digging deep into my archives lately. every time i check my sitemeter these days there is a visit from the same place that stayed for 20 minutes or more. i don’t know who they are or how they found me but its kind of weird they havent commented. i guess Hermes was right, the small amount of readers i have arent really the participating kind. that makes sense. im not the participating kind either. i usually just read. i suppose if you like this site enough to read through all my archives, youre a little like me, and don’t like to participate much either. fair enough. carry on then.


some people look weird when they party. this has to be one of the smartest, driest, wittiest, darkest and funniest sites ive ever seen, and a treasure of twisted comedy. i don’t know if they are all the same artist, but its a mad collection. and just because i like to have everybody on the same page, respect this label. now read further.


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