Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tonight in New York City

Nicolay is having his album release party tonight @ The Canal Room. Its going to be a good show, and im not just saying that because we are distributing his record overseas, though we wouldnt be distributing it if it wasnt a good album, but honestly believe Nicolay is a talented cat. Not only that but hes one of the nicest dudes in the western hemisphere. Special guest will include Black Spade and Phonte of Little Brother among others. Come down, have a drink, nod your head, say whats up if you see me [i'll be the black guy in the jeans and the tshirt]. Canal Room is at W. broadway and Canal. find it.


on a more bloggy note, i think im gonna take this site to a weekly basis, and will be updating every thursday. i imagine i'll probably update more often than once a week, seeing as how inspiration has no set schedule, but have made a commitment to myself to ensure at least one new post by thursday of every week. we'll see how that plays out.


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