Friday, September 01, 2006

The Sky Is Not Crying

make healthy food cheaper, and make unhealthy food more expensive. its that simple.
-some guy on charlie rose explaining how the structure of society needs to be changed, and how to achieve this. i forget his name, but remember he wore a red tie and had a rather thin face.


her plane was delayed and she called me to pass the time. i was bothered by it, annoyed that i had to hold the phone to my ear for so long, but only because i wanted to wait for her in my way, which was alone and quiet and anxious, instead of in her way, which was alone and quiet and anxious on the phone. so we sort of faught, because i wanted to get off the phone and she wanted someone to talk to while she waited for the plane. she got sad and hurt and asked if i'd rather she never come home. then i got sad and hurt because she was sad and hurt and tried to explain to her that she being home was everything i wanted in the world. then we faught again. then we said i love you. and her plane arrived and she said i guess ill see you soon.


my friend adam goldstone died a couple days ago. he slipped in a shower and hit his head. there are other details but thats not whats important. he was slowly becoming a downtown legend. a mystery in ascots and pointy shoes, quick witted and kind and with a rich source of sleazy. i met him in san francisco and hooked him up with a gig at this club i played at a lot (he completely killed the dancefloor that night with a mix of classic house, modern disco, and next years electro). he was cool, one of those guys i'd see at the club and not wince when they made eye contact, even if i was bored and tired and to sober to make a scene. he made good music and will be sorely missed. i dont know what more sad, the fact that hes gone or the fact that could i only write one paragraph about it on my blog.

my laptop battery is fucked up. it only last about an hour these days. one hour, thats not shit. it takes me longer sometimes to write one sentence. i called apple to see if my warranty was still good, and it was, but the technician on the other end tried to convince me that it was because of heavy usage that my battery was failing. then he tried tell me my warranty didnt cover heavy usage and that id probably have to buy a new battery. i told him that maybe his face had too much heavy usage and maybe he was the one that needed a new battery. he said that didnt make any sense and asked if i wanted to pay the $50 to have him walk me through a hardware clean up. i said fuck that shit i got better things to spend money on. he said that was fine and i didnt need to curse so much. then i hung up the phone. my laptop battery is still fucked up.


check out these clever adverts. thats right, i said "adverts." i dont have the time for a bunch of stupid syllables.


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