Wednesday, April 26, 2006


All the trees that line my block have tiny leaves sprouting from their branches. It makes them sway when the city gets breezy and I can hear them rustling from outside the window. Strangely enough, the street is silent. I guess traffic takes a breather when it gets past midnight. Every now and again a car brushes past, but those are few and far between. Other than that it’s just the red eye in the sky taking Harry, Dick and Sally on their dream vacation.

The television is all repeats of syndicated shows I didn’t care for while on the air. And commercials and reality tv. And commercials and talk shows. And commercials and that one cooking show you love. Lucky I have tivo, I can fast forward through most of the crap. I don’t though. Fuck it. It’s all the same anyway.

This was my day.


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