Friday, March 31, 2006

Beverley said it best

Then I went to see Jamie Lidell at the Surfcomber, and met a friend, then another. The beach was packed and the stage was fixed with a million lights, all different colors. They shined out like threads over the audience and into the Atlantic Ocean behind us. The fist in the front pumped up into the sky and I was awed by how exciting things could get sometimes. Then I got a text message from my friend Anngie that said –I’m so close to him its like were kissing, and I sent back, -Slip him some tongue for me.

Later Coldcut came on and everyone started acting bored. I met up with Anngie and her friends and we all became instant BFF’s. We snuck down to the shore and did a key bump of cocaine and then put our feet in the water. It was warm and comfortable and we stood there for a second watching the moon and talking about how, as Beverley cleverly phrased it, Nothing was still. Vanessa and Patty stripped down to their bathing suits and dove in under the waves. The curves on their bodies stunned me as they sunk into the water then washed back up to the beach. I couldn’t tell if it was the moonlight or the drugs, but everything seemed to be glowing.

It was morning then it was night again, during the day it was the same. Alcohol and nicotine, a break to smoke some weed, a folded out futon and loud music by a poolside, a messy hotel room and downloaded porno clips. Wristbands. Drink tickets. Wristbands that were all day drink tickets. Walking down the boulevard with sunglasses on, melting on a rooftop sitting next to a pretty girl, being charming and chewing gum and snatching glances of her thighs. A full fullplate of food at 5 am, the first and last of the day; I think I ate in the afternoon too, but they were small, utilitarian meals, that aren’t really worth remembering.

Ill get back to posting normally soon. I think. To be honest, I’m not sure. There is plenty to say, I just don’t know how to formulate the words sometimes. I guess I could just rant about some shit. Or talk about a movie I saw that maybe affected me in some way. I could always write about music, but that bores me, I’d rather hear it. I guess I could write about my “feelings,” or some shit. Or maybe about a funny scene that popped into my head. Im watching and listening and living and such, I guess I could always write about that…


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