Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Unemployed Mind: Day Forty Nine

Damn I'm bored. Whats on television? Commercials. Commercials. Commercials. I've gotta pay my cable bill. shit, that reminds me. i have to pay my cell phone bill too. thats another $150 i can hardly afford. fucking hell. oh well. i thought Seinfeld was on, what the fuck is this Married With Children crap? whatever happened to that show Herman's Head, or Parker Lewis Cant Lose? they were around during the Married With Children days, how come they didnt survive? who picks the shows that are syndicated anyway? how do you score that gig? i wonder how much it pays. Damn, i would totally bone Peg.
i need to buy some records. i should set aside $40 or so and go down to turntable lab tomorrow. can i even afford to do that? can i afford not to? i wonder whats come out in the last few weeks. i bet Jesse Rose has put together some monsters, that guy is killing it these days. or maybe his partner Dave Taylor has released some heat. hes dope. apparently the Dirty Bird boys are pressing up some must haves. and the Candenza crew is building up serious hysteria in certain circles. but do i even want jackin' dance tracks? maybe i should just cop that record by The Earlies instead.

whats going on in cyberspace? oh look at this, a ebonics translation book. It aint bout shit, now gimme some dap. that didnt even make sense. damn, i suck at being black.

i gotta reply to that email. i gotta call that fool back. i need that guys address. how can i get that guys address? i should check my email before i start writing one. nah. i dont want to right now. fuck it.

im going through a dumb swing. im slower than usual. i dont have anything to say, not like there is much to say anyway. just some unfinished sentences. a few jokes that dont make sense. im in a funk, i guess now is the time to be in one. whatever. i'll be feeling smart and witty and confident soon. still, you ever get the feeling there is nothing left inside you but the ashes of a person you used to be?


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