Monday, April 24, 2006

Nu Choons

I’ve been anxious lately. My nerves have been on edge. This waiting. This waiting. Its starting to get to me.

I was supposed to be interviewed by Urb magazine. They wanted to do a piece on the downfall of my old company and the rising of my new one. But the questions they sent were out of line. They were fishing for a dish, trying to get the gossip out of me. The fact that things fell apart wasn’t enough, they wanted details of the war. The juicy bits. I couldn’t be bothered to dig into that mess. I wasn’t the only casualty, there were many. So I sent him an email telling him a little about my new company, then politely added that some things should be kept internal. I wished him luck on his article and was done with it.

A label that was supposed to sign to us signed to another company. Ironically enough, the company that we are in talks with to become our domestic partner.

See, we are starting a label group. A label group is just what it sounds like, a group of labels under the same umbrella of distribution. Most big distributors wont sign a label that doesn’t ship a certain number of cd’s per release. So the smaller, more cutting edge labels don’t really have a way to get their cd’s properly released (i.e. in chain record stores and most major one stops). But if we bring a bunch of these smaller labels to the big distributors table, it makes it worth their while to sign them all collectively, through our label group. But if our labels keep signing to the bigger distributors, we aren’t going to have enough labels to make up a “group,” are we?

But we have a few tricks up our sleeves, and once this domestic deal is signed, I don’t think getting or having labels will be much of a problem. Still, this waiting, its making me anxious. My nerves are a wreck.

I got some records coming in the mail. Nu choons. The spice of life. I spend most of my days listening to records. Sometimes the same one over and over again. I copped that “Crazy” single by Gnarles Barkely. Put it on spin and the shits been riding ever since. I got that Ghostface LP too, just to catch up with the kids.

I plan on updating everyday. Im going to go ahead and say it now. but if any of you read me on a somewhat regular basis, you’ll know my word aint good.


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