Thursday, March 23, 2006

Miami: the first 36 hours

the first day in miami is pedestrian. I stroll on the boulevard, a victim of the heat, then dinner and a movie afterwards. the second day is another story all together.

I wake up to ten missed calls and a few unanswered text messages. im late for sound check and I havent showered yet. fuck it. I tell them it'll be ten minutes then I pack my record bag and start my march to the gig. when I get there nothings ready. all urgency and no rush; typical south beach panic, I should be used to it by now.

I unload my bag and wait for something to happen. nothing does, so I go back to the palace to enjoy a drink and some nicotine. I get back to the gig half an hour early, everthings gravy, all the sound checks out. the band im playing beside begins tuning their instruments. the sun is being gentle, the wind keeps things tame. the crowd is materializing. alcohol starts being served. the day seems perfect, then it hits me: I forgot my earphones.

I trot back to the palace, my feet in a swift frenzy. my phones blowing up and all my calls are anxious. where are you? you gotta go on soon. sony japan is watching. dj krush is waiting. there are people who dont know the language you speak waiting to hear what you have to say. where are you? you gotta go on soon. people are waiting. everybodies waiting. I get my earphones, I get on a bike. a "cruiser." I cruise back to the spot. I cant figure out the bike lock so I leave it available in an alley. I hit the decks ten minutes early. I get a free drink. I wipe the sweat from my forehead. I drop a 1/2 hour set of modern techno dance rock. they love what I play. the sun was just setting and even below the bass bins you can still hear the ocean crashing onto the shore.

I take a few xanax. I finish my second cocktail. DJ Krush is murdering the decks. I start to get social and see a few faces I recognize. the manly handshake hugs are given, smiles smiles smiles. someone suggest we go to their hotel room for a few drinks and some lines. everyone is jonesing for weed. the night hadnt even begun and it already felt like two in the morning.

some stranger slides up to my side. a cute chick with a funky outfit. -I can get you weed, she says. well do your thing girl, sort it out. indeed she does and an hour later everyone is stoned and the mirror from the wall is on the floor and another bottle of vodka is half empty on the nightstand. someone is using the lighbulb from a lamp to dry up the cocaine. the cute chick that got the weed stands close to me, her face an inch from mine, and says -im asexual. I only make love to myself. I look her in the eye, then at her lips and mouth. -me too, I reply.

we go to one party. we go to another. I meet people ive known forever and ask everyones name and then say it outloud so as to remember it. Chad. Missy. Donna. Graham. Darren. Jeff. Amanda. drinks are $15 a piece. I give someone a hug that I dont know and tell them i'll call them tomorrow.

when I woke up today it was raining. another tropical storm, they always come at least once. so I decided I would type this and wait. maybe ill get a burger later.


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