Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tom Sizemore should have won the Oscar

Tom Sizemore is the man. I’ve always liked his work. I don’t know why, maybe it was the perpetual element of sleeze that he exuded, maybe it was because he never looked in shape and I thought that was a respectable and courageous approach towards acting, maybe it was his greasy hair. I’m not sure. I just kinda like liked him, and when he was in a movie I always figured, -what the fuck, I’ll see it, its got “the Size” in it, how bad can it be?

Oh yeah, I nicknamed Tom Sizemore “the Size.” It really just rolls off the tongue. You should try it. The Size. Easy, aint it?

In any case, so the size has reached new heights in adoration. He’s like, my Mussolini, my Stalin, my Oprah Winfrey. He is what I aspire to be. He is the Size, and the Size, who still is a working Hollywood actor with over a million dollars in his checking account, has decided that he is going to go ahead and get really high on drugs then fuck random strippers and hookers on camera, then release it on a porno site and collect all the dirty dough.

Imagine that freedom. The freedom to just fuck it all up. The freedom to just let it all go. To lose your wallet and lose your cell phone. To forget to make that call and forget that you forgot to make it. To execute every thought in your head no matter how deep or fleeting. To burn away like patience in a white light toward the sky. To continue on in one long hour and that hour seems to last a season and that season reaches on forever and its all one color or maybe sometimes two. To just not even feel or care and just see and know that its natural and the girl are natural and the windows are natural and the things you say and hear are natural, and its in your veins and your head and behind your eyes and this hysteria is inside your teeth and you feel it when you stop talking and your jaw sits still.

This is genius. What I wouldn’t do. Oh god knows what I wouldn’t do, if I could just get so fucked up on drugs that I reached the very frayed edges of sanity and the only thing my mind had the capacity of thinking of were: porno, lube, hookers and cocaine.

Fucking brilliant. Damn that would be awesome.


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