Wednesday, April 26, 2006

couch surfing

We've got a friend crashing at the house for a bit, one of the hot black chicks that visited a while back. She's assigned to the couch in our “reading room,” which means that every morning she’s going to catch a glimpse of my hunkering frame, naked save my boxer briefs, stumbling to the bathroom to drain the alcohol consumption from the night before. She has a very casual attitude, so I don’t think she’ll mind. Plus, I’m pretty fucking hot, if I don’t say so myself, so the only real problem will be her holding back the overwhelming desire to start furiously fisting herself the moment I’m in view. She will have to wait for that until I’m out the room. We only go elbow deep when the cameras are on around here.

I don’t know how long she’ll be staying. It seems pretty open ended. When I posed the question of what time frame we were looking at the only answer L-science could muster was –uh. I don’t know. ‘Till she finds a job or a boyfriend I guess. Fair enough, I thought. She is a whip smart gal and, like I said, a stunning beauty. So a job or a boyfriend will actually be the easy parts of the equation. But I don’t expect her to just move in with any old guy all willy nilly like a toothless truck stop whore you meet at a bar one night while in the middle of an 8 week amphetamine bender and wind up giving all your t shirts to just so she will get the hell out of your place 2 weeks later - oh sorry, I kind of went off on a tangent there. Back to the topic, like I was saying, I doubt she’ll just move in with the first guy she dates. So as far as her moving out when she gets a boyfriend, I say the chances are slim to nil.

And if she finds a job soon, which is very likely, she will still have to look, find, and save up the money to move into a place of her own. That’s no easy feat in New York City. Let me tell you, just finding a place that is relatively comfortable and at the same time affordable is a task unto itself. Sure, you found a nice Studio or 1 Bedroom but wait; it’s all the way in queens or, better yet, jersey. But hold on here is one listed in a nice area in Brooklyn but awww, too bad, its 8 billion dollars a month. Oh this guys looking for a roommate, he’s got a spacious room on the Upper West Side. What was that? Oh he wants to trade sex for rent. Well, I gotta see a picture of him first. Oh wait, here is a perfect one! Its big, it gets sunlight, the rent is affordable, what’s the catch? Oh I see, the neighborhood is kind of “rapey.” No, I’ll pass; I like my sex consensual, thanks.

So we are looking at a good 3 months, at least. Not that I mind. It’ll be good to have a friend here for L-vino, and she’ll chip in on rent so that’ll give me more money for cocaine and strippers. Plus, I can recycle all the jokes I've been making since the last time she visited. She’s also hot, did I mention that?

in other news. this is the third day in a row ive posted. im wondering if i should continue. the actual post leave much to be desired when i post every day as opposed to when i just feel "the urge." but maybe if i keep writing they will get better? we'll see. i dont really have more than 3 readers anyhow. and one of them is me. its not like that matters though, because i barely read anybody's blog anymore [save maybe ms. bees knees, snooze, and hermes]. so you get what you give, right? its just, i feel like i will be writing about the same fucking shit every entry if i continue this daily output. its like ive run out of words. im going to push forward and see if thats the case, or if i eventually will unlock something inside that makes writing daily less of a chore. i hope i get to see Jamie Lidell at southpaw tonight. if i do, maybe that will be the inspiration that fuels me for the rest of the week. if i dont, expect more of the same crap tomorrow.


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