Friday, January 27, 2006


i just posted a pretty coherant post but blogger stole it. thieves.

the gist of it was me making a joke about how i was in the locker room showers at the YMCA, taking a quick one after my work out [i went on a very long, sophistcated diatribe on my philoshopies on working out. a range of topics were addressed, including but not limited to: vanity, the lack of soap provided in the showers, the tiny, perverted steam room, ass pubes, stank balls, and finally, the physical act of "working out."] and how in the shower next to me, was another man taking a shower, go fucking figure, right?

so anyway i am soaping myself off, one step out of the showers stream as to achieve maximum soup sudsiness, when i realize that there is one part of my body that im neglecting. and there was no way i could reach it. for some reason this irked me all to hell. it was the absolute final straw and i was not going to tolerate the uncleanliness of one pore on my body. i had to do something.

so i mustered up courage from every cell on in my body and asked the butt naked man standing under the next shower head, in my most tender and apologetic voice: hey bro, you think you can get my back?

haha. nah. i didnt do that, but it would have been an excellent, and profoundly hilarious, blog post if i had. but instead you get this recycled joke, and not even a good one at that. get oh well, ya get what ya pay for. eat it, tricks.


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