Wednesday, January 18, 2006

crazy ring tones.

my cell phones always the first to go. no wait, thats not true. my ATM card is usually the first to go, then my cell phone. every time i come to san francisco, its the same story. i lose something. i leave something behind. if its not my ATM card or my cell phone, which it usually is, its something else. a hat. a charger. a book. something.

i bring it on though; i invite it. i let my mind forget. i stop standing gaurd. i allow things to slide, i let myself be cool with things. no sweat dude, its all good. just be easy, shits taken care of. i get high and circulate. i let the city swalllow me, cell phone and all.

but i just got some new digs. the treo 650. red carpet shit. it got all kinds of bluetoothing video camming photo shooting text messaging file emailing hot synching computer shit makes your teeth look whiter and your wit extra quick. obviously im not letting that one out of my sight, so i think its only appropiate that we take a moment of silence and tip our 40 oz. for what will inevitably be, the loss of yet another one of my ATM cards.

o' dull blue mastercard, with the fading expiration date and unreliable availablity of sufficient funds, we hardly knew ye'... but we had a good run buddy, lets make this last night worth it.

im freshly baked from some medicinal shit. apparently san francisco is going through a golden age of weed. there are cafes and everything. i did a few lines earlier. drank a beer or two. chewed some gum.

my brotther mike [the black one] is about to swoop us up to go out. we are going to get into its veins tonight. maybe ill figure out what it all means. maybe i wont. either way, i better not lose my new cell phone.


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