Tuesday, January 17, 2006

catching up

you get around family and find yourself alone. You surround yourself with them so that you can escape. Suddenly the space you have created for yourself is defined. There is room for you to move. To breathe. To listen to your thoughts and examine where you are.

The house is large but modest. They just redecorated, so the living room is now a “visiting room.” Its where I type right now, while im visiting. The front room is now an entertainment room and there is a large plasma HDTV is a retro wooden shelf unit that is at the center of the room. The carpeting is new, shag, and not wall to wall. Its patterns reflect whatever color scheme is in any given particular room. The bathrooms stayed the same, guess they were perfect as is.

Ive been drunk and stoned almost the whole time. Every now and again I’ll snack a xanax from my brothers stash then check out some of the newly downladed porno clips on his laptop. Hes all into homemade amateur now and he has a pretty healthy collection. That’s always fun for a minute, but being that im at my moms place, I doubt the zipper goes down and the hand towel wipes anything up but accidentally spilled beer.

We all have an understanding here. im on mylaptop, trying to make sense of my surroundings, my brother is reading the autobiography of a first year law student, and my mom has a john grisham paperback spread open on her lap. Aside from cracks and snaps of my clothes tumbling in the the dryer, there is not a sound to be heard. Its beautiful.


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