Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Power Exchange

So i was thinking about the goddess bunny the other day. what the fuck was that all about? from what i understand the creepy lil tap dancing zombie person in the video is a trannie that survived polio as a child, and now she is a cult celebrity in the Los Angeles underground drag scene. typical, thats soooo LA.

[takes a drag from his cigarette. exhales.]

i remember this one time, back in the day, on the kind of night you drank cheap vodka straight from the bottle and let the meth do the rest, in a downtown alley at 3am with two friends, one of which i forget, killing time before heading to a sex club. none of us had ever been but with all the chemicals rushing through our blood, daring us to win, we were bursting for it.

the friend i remember was a madman. the guy was up for anything. he had all the rage and confidence of a scrawny suburban kid loose on the city. his name was james and the fool was a cannon. he was a loser drug dealer with dreams that were never quite as big as his addiction. he wasnt quick witted but he was pretty smart, still sometimes his dull conversation, littered with nervous giggles at all the wrong beats, got annoying. but he was the kinda guy you could ignore and he wouldnt get offended. which made mooching drugs off of him a tolerable task.

the other kid, like i said, i forget. i think it was this dude named jack. another small time e and speed dealer we knew. but i could be wrong. everybody from the suburbs looks the same.

anyway we got to the sex club and it was a minor disappointment. there were only trannies there. but we were already there and had paid to get in so only made sense that we explore things, plus, speed makes you horny, and suddenly validates any methods to achieve orgasm. but we just sort of walked around, young and curious, high on drugs. i think james got a hand job, i walked around and sort of gave everyone strange looks but was too afraid to do anything, and the other guy got in a four way gang band with 3 "ladies" and some androgynous person wearing surgical scrubs. it was a night to remember.

no goddess bunny though. thank the LORD im from san francisco and not LA. but still, i guess that would have kinda been awesome. i mean, how often am i gonna get solicited by a polio surviving trannie? a herpe having trannie maybe. a diabetes maintaining trannie, possibly. a 4 time clap case vaccinating trannie, definitely. but a polio surviving trannie, never.

nah, i would have been scarred. probably never did drugs again, and that would have been the REAL tragedy.

oh snap, i found this on the internet today. its shit your pants funny, so you better eat a big meal before you watch the clip if you want to make the poo worth it! man, i actually read the teleplay to that skit and hurt my stomach laughing. its a fucking goldmine.

and come on yall, Common just wants to brush Kanyes hair without people calling him gay. is that asking too much?


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