Monday, August 22, 2005

Ravers vs The Swat Team

a rave got busted some time over the weekend. that link goes to a video that captured how it went down. they say they heard the helicopters first but couldnt tell if it was real. then the swat team rushed in and they realized the party was over.

watching that video i see a dj was in the middle of a jungle set when the armed team stormed the decks and turned the music off. man, kids love their jungle. when i was in my early 20s i hit jungle parties all the time. the music was still fresh and exciting and seemed to change every week. there was this war time fashion about it. with the parties being fiercely underground and the cute chicks in their tight camo baby tee's and crushing adidas shell toes murdering the floor. and there was a wild fury in the music too. perforating the era in with explosive tunes that would change things for what we thought would be ever.

but this wasnt a jungle party, sorry for that tangent, im kinda stoned. anyway, this was a rave. a bunch of kids that want to dance all night to fast music. i went to a lot of raves too, so i know the score. yeah there are drugs of course. and probably some ill advised sexual contact. someone might OD. someone might lose their wallet. someone might see an old friend. someone might kick the bucket. hey, its a night out. a lot of things can happen.

and yeah yeah yeah, we want to protect the kids and all that crap. sure. im all for kids not dying or getting the clap when there still in their teens. i dont want to see little billy in tears puking blood because he took three hits of ecstasy cut with baby laxative and drank two 40s of colt 45, thats not cool. but billy should be drinking water if hes taking ecstasy anyway. still, no one wants to face young michelle when she realizes that B-Rock, whom she went down on behind a speaker at a rave last weekend, gave her the herp, if for no other reason than because the sore on her lip looks gross. ewww, cover that up ho!

but even though we want to keep these kids out of harms way, they are going to get that young rage out of them some how. weather it be selling their anus for prada bags or writing pornographic game mods or randomly slapping old people in the head, they are gonna get they party on. and unless its with other kids its gonna be with old men or expensive rubber "life partners," so you better pray the kids are doing it with other kids.

and even still, did they really need to bring the swat team in? and did they have to beat that one kid down, even if his incessant glowstick twirling was totally annoying? couldnt they have just called everyones parents? well i guess thats asking a little much, but you know if everyones parents showed up the party would be dead in like, one hundredth of a second. all those middle age folks, some in their suits, some in their pajamas, pushing through the crowd aimlessly asking where Sarah and Tony and Darren and Shaquay is? it would be like suddenly being attacked by a horde of zombies and one of them is your mom. yeah, you'd probably hope if she found you she just ate your brains right there.

but the swat was a little excessive. jeez, why did they decided to bring in a fucking armed and military trained personnel to disassemble a bunch of pilled up teenagers? maybe like, jenna bush was there or something. she probably did some speed and let some dude fingerbang her. well no, she was just about to do that when the fuckin swat team showed up. god damn, shes thinking, i fucking hate my father! preach on sista [you still wanna fingerbang?]


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