Sunday, April 17, 2005

just the facts

lets explore the circumstances, shall we?

-i found out friday that i would be needing surgery on my spine. it was unclear just exactly what it was that needed to be done, only that it was a fairly routine operation and that the whole process shouldnt take much longer than two weeks. i, of course, was angling for any other option to the knife, but i saw the xrays, and they dont lie. i mean, im no expert, but from what i could see, in the the large, floppy, negative black and white presented to me, my shit is fucked up. the tedious details i wont bore you with, the bottom line is that im gonna get cut. on my fucking spine. let us pray for steady hands.

-the lab had a gem that ive been saying would complete my life were i ever to get my hands on it. now that i finally have i cant say all the edges have been rounded, but will confidently declare it is the best investment ive made in the '05. the track is "Agent Orange" by Pharaohe Monche. its pretty good in its standard form, with the vocals and all [Pharaohe is still nasty on the mic, droppin that paranoid urban sorta intellectual shit] but its the beat that breaks me up. the shit is just profound. everybody knows those Sa Ra cats have been just criminal lately, but this beat was made in like, 2002, and its still many moons beyond its time. its really too bad that Rawkus was on its last legs when this track came out. it should have been a hands down classic. as it is its only a beatheads treasure and most likely wont see much action at the local Hot Topic. needless to say, after i bought my copy some japanese cat came into the store and scooped up the remaining 28. shit will be on ebay for twenty and up now. happy biddin bitches. [ mp3 link stolen from, dont know the nettiquet (gay word) on this but i guess i should acknowledge them or something]

-my beard is wack. when i let my shit grow out, it comes in all patchy and shit. i got one of those nappy black dude beards that dont look cool unless your playing a guitar or begging for change. seriously, if i start humming the tune to "No Woman, No Cry" while waiting for the subway fools start dropping nickels at my feet. shit, once i made 80 cents waiting for the F train. my beard is that wack. i roll with it though. i dont need no feathered swedish 5 oclock shadow or thick nordic scruff to look cool. i dont need no music video penciled in goatee or s-curled facial treatment to my shit. hell naw, im nappy bitch! now go get my Fender, i need to feed the meter.

the songs that have been my murder lately:

Agent Orange = Pharaohe Monch
We Suck Young Blood - Radiohead
Aphex Twin - Window Licker [Ron Jeremy remix]
La Rumba - Masters At Work
Hell yes - Beck
Someday - Alice Russell
the entire Margo album on Tsk! Tsk! Records

i'll add links later. not like it matters because whos really reading this? still, to play fair, ill add links and even post something of interest. all this later, at another time.


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