Thursday, March 03, 2011

early riser

ive been waking up earlier and earlier. soon ill be rising with the sun and the disappearing cold. greeted by the warming sky, a breakfast of bird chirps.

this is good. my biggest complaint about living has been there just isnt enough hours in the day. and i knew this was my own doing, that i was sleeping away the time i need, that i was wasting the time i had.

id been told before that i should just wake up early but im a stubborn one that scoffs at advice and always has an arsenal of excuses on why i cant live any other way than the way im living.

but the solution was obvious and even though i turned a blind eye to it i guess sometimes the solution just folds into you.

first i began waking up an hour before i used to, these days i find myself waking up two hours before i used to. if this pattern keeps up ill be waking three hours before i used to and then the only option will be to finish work earlier and have more room to breathe.

i still lay in bed for a half hour or so before i actually get up. this way the dreams have faded and the worry has simmered and the day is a little more clear as i climb into uniform.

it also gives me time to just jot down a few words every morning before i begin to do that which has to be done.

and it gives me a little more time to think. a little more time to find my place in the matter.


Blogger Snooze said...

Honestly, with your packed schedule you could forego sleeping and still not have enough hours in the day. Still, great that you are managing to wake up earlier

9:31 AM EST  

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