Saturday, February 12, 2011

i have a nine o'clock science class. thats in the morning, not at night. an ungodly hour for an ungodly class. and its on saturday to boot.

its a requirement for undergrads. part of our core. but everyone in my school is either a liberal arts major or an education major, so no one really cares. even the professor, a nervous old man who dresses as if he shops at a store that sells only the tweediest of jackets and the starchiest white shirts, know thats no one is interested in what hes teaching. none of us plan to be scientist, and the course work is so elementary that if we did, it would be a long and slow road before we were making any headway in the scientific world.

but i have to go, and the only time they offered it was at nine am on saturday [there was a tuesday and even monday class as well, but my schedule wouldnt permit me to enroll in those classes]. the thing is, i have molded my life around a late wake up. the earliest i get up these days is ten am, and thats on the rare occasion i have to be somewhere or there is a meeting i couldnt schedule for noon or after. now i not only have an early class, but i have to BE there at nine, which means i have to get up at eight!

i realize this woe is me attitude deserves no sympathy whatsoever. a great majority of people get up much earlier than that. my schedule, i recognize, is rather luxurious. im just complaining [ive been whining a lot lately, i think my vagina is on the fritz]. but its still hard on me. especially considering its only one day a week, not everyday, which would establish a routine i could get used to.

anyway, i just wanted to get up and write a little. and i had nothing to write about. my class was canceled today because of Lincoln's birthday [yet another thing i can thank Lincoln for] so i decided to get a little writing done before i began my day.

carry on.


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