Saturday, January 08, 2011


because im lazy
because im always in a rush
because i never want to do anything
because i want to do it all
because i am alone
because i never get time to myself
because it is a sport
because i hate games
because i have something inside me that needs to get out
because im empty and hollow and it doesnt mean anything
because im an adult
because i act like a kid
because i have ambition
because ill never go anywhere
because i want to launch myself out into the cosmos with my arms flailing and my teeth bare and i want to feel the universe embrace me and fall fall fall back down to earth a different person
a person with purpose, who the world cant live without. and loping along the city with eyes rolling in my head and my hair in tight uncombable curls and my breath hot and sour i want to feel like the man that my mother always promised id grow up to be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it means anything to you, I came across your blog by accident a few months back, started reading, and now I really look forward to your posts. You have a great talent, I hope you figure it all out.

9:39 PM EST  
Blogger -jkg said...

thanks anonymous!

1:17 PM EST  

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