Wednesday, June 03, 2009

upon us

This is all very strange, this thing between us.

We have to consider all involved in the matter. The furniture. The cats. The bills we’ll have to take on.

Not to mention the friendship. Our friends. Our acquaintances. Our colleagues. All have to be considered when dealing with the delicate situation of splitting up. All love us. All have their allegiances.

And the very nature of our relationship has changed. The things we didn’t do, as well as the things we did, take on new definitions. A kiss good night. A phone call during the day. The checking in occasionally, all have different meaning. If we didn’t do it before we surely don’t do it now, but its noticeable. If we did it before now we don’t do it, and its noticeable. The things we never noticed are now so very noticeable.

The curses of our indifference, coming to fruition.


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