Wednesday, January 07, 2009

day one:

we went from the airport to a place called hula grills and had mai tai's while watching the sun sink behind lanai. i was still wearing a lei that had been placed around my neck after getting off the plane. there were ten of us. me and her and a bunch of her relatives, including her parents, who i was meeting for the first time. her father didnt look up from his menu or his drink much. her step mother's eyes barked but her tone was nice and even. all around us a warm blue wind. we made plans for dinner and i tried pace my drink orders because i didnt want to make a bad first impression. plus i needed to give my liver a bit of a vacation itself. it deserved it. i ate the pineapple wedge from my drink and it was explosive. id never had one so good. finally we were in maui. she leaned in and said lookit and pointed out towards the horizon and squeezed my hand.


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