Monday, December 15, 2008

and every hour that goes by is another i dont write in this blog.

its getting ridiculous, everything's piling up.

its sunday evening. late at night. I'm smoking a cigarette and drinking a bottle of beer. heres the score:

i got a final due on wednesday and another final due the tuesday after that. id tell you what the finals were but i dont think you'd care. i mean, whatever, right? anyway, last night i took my girlfriend out for a nice birthday dinner. it tasted good and cost a bunch. (by telling you this, I'm trying to impart the pressures from which said birthday dinner set upon me the previous days, so that you get a clear picture of what my hours look like.) tomorrow i have to begin the final that is due wednesday. and i have to prepare to write the final that is due the following tuesday, because you see, on thursday I'm getting on a plane and jetting off to hawaii.

if you were confused, yes. i just told you i am going to hawaii on thursday. that was not "metaphorical." those words were not just the ramblings of a man drunk on hope and escape. i am really getting on a plane at six o'clock, thursday morning, and flying to hawaii, where i will stay until new years eve. i will get lots of sun. surf lots of waves. have lots of uncomfortable moments. and, in between sand, six packs, and sort of surly half remarks, meet my girlfriends dad.

oh, and just in case you where keeping track, i will also write a paper for my following tuesday final and email it to my professor, begging for mercy.

and I'm not going to be there on new years eve, I'm actually taking a red eye flight back on the 30th. (she's going to stay another week and spend time with her family) this means that i will arrive in new york in the afternoon of new years eve. and that night i have to DJ.

yup. i get no sleep on the plane and the day i get back i have to prepare for a gig that night. not that I'm complaining, but even typing that sentence exhausted me.

but in between i get to sit on the beach and graze. i am told there will be hiking and bike riding and some jumping off of waterfalls and some snorkling in a cove, plus a booze cruise and a beautiful sunset and the freshest fish id ever taste. i am looking forward to it all. i need a vacation. jesus christ.

oh, and i suppose i will brag because were all strangers in an empty space and if a tree falls in the woods and all that - i got a really good evaluation on the memoirs i was writing. the ones that took me away for so long. so i guess it was all worth it. whatever "all" is, anyway.



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