Saturday, November 29, 2008

diving in (forced entry #2)

the thing about getting back into this blogging thing is

the act of doing something so that you can do it well enough just so you can do it some more, meaning: the start of the process, the giddy up, the kick in the pants so to speak, is hard to wrap your head around at first. there are all kinds of questions and uncertainties. how should i start? when should i start? should i start like this? is this even a start? then you get bogged down in the metaphysics of it all and by the time you've reached any semblance of a conclusion you are too tired to start and just figure you'll start tomorrow.

i promised myself i would publish whatever it was i wrote here tonight so i just better keep on writing or else this venture is off to a bad start.

(oh shit ive already edited myself - i better stay focused)

music i have been listening to lately - well, i stumbled across this sleepy brown album on my desk not too long ago. the thing is, it had been sitting there for months. maybe even a year, and i'd never even opened it. it was given to me not as a solicitation, but as a recommendation, yet, i never bothered to listen to it. the reason why: it had very unfortunate album artwork. the artwork made it look like bad miami rap music, made on a casio keyboard using just the stock sounds and funded by fake passport money and a shady record label. but the album inside was actually a very modern, very soulful, extremely well done r&b album. in fact, 5 of the albums tracks made it into heavy rotation at my bar playlist. so there ya go, dont judge an album by its cover (actually, yeah, go ahead and judge an album by its cover. i mean, if they cant come up with decent artwork, or find a decent artist to make their artwork, its a pretty good chance they suck anyway, right?).

ive been reading -aside from school readings which have included a fairly remarkable graphic novel by allison bechdel, an interesting novella by nella larsen, and a bunch of scholarly articles on race relations during the turn of our 20th century- the idiot girls action adventure club by laurie notaro. i kind of have a crush on her.

and of course ive been keeping track of the internet in general. downloading mp3s and reading confessions and musings and humor and watching streaming clips of good stuff and bad stuff and tripping on popular culture and marveling at the new dawn.

oh man this is a bad post. im drunk and im tired and its late and were done here.


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