Wednesday, August 13, 2008

like a complete unknown

i went to a bob dylan concert last night.

well, i sat on a grassy hill listening to a bob dylan concert that was in my general vicinity last night.

i didnt get in.

i was part of a crowd, but i wasnt part of THE crowd. the in crowd. the i was there crowd. the standing in their seats and waving their hands in the air crowd. i wasnt part of that crowd. there were no seats. no waving hands.

there was me and the lil lady and some friends of ours. a blanket in the grass. a bottle of rum. i sat and smoked my hand rolled cigarettes and listened to the music, waiting to hear something familiar. come on bob, play It Aint Me Babe. i want to hear Like a Rolling Stone. i dont know of any of this honky tonk blues stuff youre playing. do knocking on heavens door. come on bob, before i finish my last beer.

he finally did do Like a Rolling Stone and i got up and did an awkward dance and when it got to the part where he says, "How does it feel?" i would scream along as if i'd been singing the whole time.

when the show was over we all herded onto the street and made our ways home. it was a warm night and everyone wore tank tops or t-shirts. an ice cream truck sat at the entrance to the park intercepting concert goers before they got on the road. cops directed traffic along prospect park west. i felt a little itchy and thought maybe i'd been bit by something.

i dont know dylans music that well, and cant say im really fond of most of it, but he is a legend and all. i was sort of giddy about being there. its stupid, i know. but its the same thing with tom cruise. i dont really like the guys work, though hes been in a few movies i can dig. to be honest, he sort of creeps me out. but if i saw him on the street i would be all "oooh! tom cruise!" and giggling and shit.

dylan, of course, is no tom cruise. he's super important and had an immesurable impact on popular music. still, i cant say he has made any of my favorite albums or even albums i listen to often. tom cruise, on the other hand, was in Magnolia, Minority report, and that one movie where he ran a lot. just saying.


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