Tuesday, August 12, 2008


ive been trying to download this new jay-z song for like, the last half hour, but the stupid fucking link wont work. i keep hearing that the song sucks but i want to download it anyway. they might be wrong. ive been wrong before. and who are "they" anyway?


its been Olympic fever around here, i was just telling a friend earlier how i'd been getting excited over sports i've never even scene before. cursing at the screen during badminton, throwing up my hands in frustration over fencing calls, flipping the fuck out watching an archer hit the bullseye. its been crazy.

there are a few sports i find positively boring (i'm looking at you, weightlifting) and some i dont understand (what is going on during team handball? it confuses me. change is scary) and others that are sort of exciting, but for reasons unbeknownst to me (canoeing is hypnotic and i dont trust it. there, i said it).

i've realized im a big fan of the grace in synchronized diving. and that water polo must be the most exhausting of all sports.

ive learned i'd never be a good judge in gymnastics, or diving, or any sport for that matter. i always think someones routine was "great," and "perfect," and "should get nothing less than 9.5's all around." but i am always - well, mostly - wrong.

also, its come to my attention that the united states mens gymnastic team are, while good, sort of a bunch of douchebags. i kept wincing everytime they would say something like, "USA! YEAH! THATS HOW WE ROLL!" into the camera. i dont know why. maybe its just my dislike of frat boy behavior. or it could be nationalism makes me uncomfortable. either way, those dudes bugged me.

still, GO USA! YEAH! [punches keyboard and screams]


so my friend is getting back with his wife. the one that left him for another guy after he told her he didnt want to have kids. its a longer story, of course, but that's a reasonable summation.

i guess they were miserable without each other. or so it seems. or so we hope is the case. now she has to leave this other guy and come back to him. how shes going to get out of that mess none of us want to know. but she is moving all of her crap back to the beach to be with him again. this for sure, he tells me, its solid.

so i guess they'll have babies and live happily ever after?



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