Wednesday, July 16, 2008

all the hoopla

people are freaking out over the dark knight. its already on pace to break the opening weekend record and its not even out until friday. publicist that have seen it say it lives up to the hype. and with the success of the first movie and the fact that one of its stars died after giving what is being called an oscar caliber performance, thats a lot of hype to live up to.

im suspect but im also aching to see it. actually, i have what you would call an epic cinematic boner for it.

there havent been that many movies that have lived up to the hype for me. most of them are good, but not life changing by the time i see them. the most notable cases of this are Borat, which was being called the funniest movie ever made when it came out (it was funny but i didnt shit my pants laughing. what a waste of adult diapers), Superbad (another one that was kinda funny but hardly as funny as the hype led me to believe), Iron Man (sure, it was good. but i didnt HAVE to see it), and, to stay on topic, Batman Begins.

Batman Begins was good, i will not deny that. I'm a big fan of Christopher Nolan and have grown to appreciate Christian Bale, but the movie was a little too ... i dont know, boring for me. when it was over i was pleased, but not impressed. if you are going to build up a movie as the greatest piece of pop art in years, it better blow me a fucking way. and Batman Begins didnt.

some movies have lived up to the hype in the past. i remember the frenzy over Pulp Fiction when it came out, and after i saw that movie in the theater i had to admit that everything said about it seemed justified. it was easily the freshest, most entertaining piece of cinema i'd seen in years, and most surprisingly, i couldnt wait to see it again. Another movie that lived up to the hype was Citizen Kane. by the time i saw that it was sitting atop the list of AFI's best movies of all time, and thats quite a title to live up to. but when i saw it i was admittedly mesmerized, not just by the perfection in which everything was executed, but that it was done in like, the 17th century or some shit. a few other notables that lived up to the hype include No Country for Old Men, The Usual Suspects, Boogie Nights, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. all movies that were suggested to me with unbelievable hype attached to them and all movies that completely lived up to it.

but thats rare, and as i get older and more jaded, its becoming increasingly rarer. this dark knight hoopla is spinning out of control, but you know what? its working. im frothing at the mouth to see this movie. ive already decided im going to pre-purchase imax tickets for early next week. big ass movie on a big ass screen. USA! USA! USA!

it better be good


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