Monday, July 28, 2008


yes, The Dark Knight was awesome.

no reason to go on about it here, you can read about it on every other blog in the universe.

yes, this video is weird and disturbing and i couldnt stop watching.

i cant tell if its a joke or what, but there are loads of videos of this lil lady on youtube. im less curious about her than i am the camera man.

yes, the Dali exhibit at Moma is good.

but they didnt have the one painting i like with the elephants walking on long, creepy, stilt like legs. i remember the first time i saw that painting someone, i forget who, told me it made them uncomfortable to look at. it was then that i realized dali was working in uncharted realms of imagination. ive never been particularly moved by his painting, but i do appreciate him a lot. seeing his pieces as they were done, the oil on canvas way, is something to savor. i can hardly draw a straight line, so im in no position to criticize.

yes, August: Osage county is a brilliant play and the best thing to hit Broadway in years.

at least thats what i read in the NY Times after i saw it, and although im no expert, and dont really no what has been on Broadway the past few years, i will go ahead and agree because Osage County was the most moving theater production ive ever seen. of course, i havent seen many. it was the writing that got me. and the acting too. the only problem i have with it, is now i will hold up every play i see to that benchmark, and i know its gonna make all others pale in comparison. i suppose the tony award and Pulitzer prize separates it from most plays, but what you should really take note of is my recommendation to see it. i mean, how often to i recommend Broadway shows?

yes, getting caught in a summer rain storm is romantic.

even if you arent with someone you love, there grows inside you, with every warm drop of rain, something poetic, and that is very rare. i have stood in one and walked in one and every second of the moment had a lyrical quality to it. you let it soak you to the bone. you dont mind. you let a peace unfold inside.

yes, ive been trying to write every day.

but its been hit or miss. i took a week off because i had friends in town. so i gotta get back to it today. i decided to post this crap before hand. just to loosen up the keys.

more later.


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