Monday, July 09, 2007

ghost await

im on a jet plane folks. leaving to san francisco. there is a silence in the country that needs to be heard and a city that needs its streets prowled. there is a plane that needs to be boarded and it is just a few hours away from take off. i gotta pack my bags and cover my positions. ghost await.

im on land and im trying not to lose my cell phone. my mothers fridge is filled with food. roast beef from the deli. thinly sliced spiced turkey. a jug of apple juice and some mac and cheese left over from the night before, its in tupperware, sweating flavor so thick the sides are all fogged up. at the club im being pointed at and my brother looks at the bartender and gives a quick nod and his afro bounces loosely and the bartender nods back. drinks are free for the rest of the night. in my meeting i am charming and casual and when it is over i feel confident the relationship is secure. i celebrate with a few drinks and a prostitute. i leave my cell phone in her hotel room and when i realize it think, fuck it, who cares?

i am going on a trip and i feel like writing and these are the secrets and stories of what it was that may have become.


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