Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weekend Reveries

Its a nice day. I think I might enjoy a little bit of the sunshine before it goes away. But I figured I'd share some day dreams before I made the exit.

I found this gorgeous video the other day. It has a sense of magic about it, no?

The other day a friend of mine called. She wanted to have an E party. I said sure, just give me the time and date, but still it seemed a curious invitation. Not that I was suspicious of her motives, shes a sound gal, but what age is this that my 30 something friends are gearing up to throw E parties? When did they become exciting again?

This got me thinking, what’s with this new ecstasy generation? Is it the same one as the last, a mere break in one of the many waves of nostalgia we surf? Or is it all new, but just the same as it ever was?

I found the common ground to be, what else, but music. There is the “ecstasy drenched techno” of James Holden and Trentemoller in the european electronic and maybe more importantly, privileged, side of the spectrum, to the hypnotic mechanical crunches of the bay areas hiffy scene, comprised almost entirely of poor American blacks.

Everybody is hip to it, its all the rage. Ecstasy is back, or at least its good again. Weird.

That is all. Carry on.


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