Sunday, March 13, 2011

what can you do?

i can do a lot of things.
i can sleep in late.
i can ponder a dawn or a dusk.
i can find a phrase and turn it.
i can work every hour of the day.
i can be too cold.
i can be too hot.
i can strip and be naked or have a sweater near by just in case.
i can go without sleep for days on end.
i can figure out why you should or you shouldnt.
i can stray upright after a shot and a spike.
i can drink you under the table.
i can read your bones and tell you how old you are.
i can have my heart broken make it break your heart.
i can be the shoulder you cry upon.
i can find us food know matter what time it is.
i can give you advice even if you dont need it.
i can give you advice if you do.
i can sort through your tunes and make a good playlist.
i can make you feel good about yourself.
i can make the day scream mercy.
but what i cant do is
ride a mountain bike down the streets of Uruguay without shitting myself.
and that dude did.
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