Monday, May 31, 2010

bad code

im not very savvy when it comes to the internet. i can surf it pretty well, and i have no problem navigating its many pages and sites, but doing something like, say, building a webpage or adding fancy images to this here blog are beyond me.

thats why i no longer have links to my favorite sites on the sidebar of this page.

i was fussing around with the html of my site —i forget what it was i was trying to do. perhaps change the comments format or the overall font, or maybe trying to add a clever picture to my header— and i changed some things in the html then hit "save changes" instead of previewing it first. when i looked at the changes i had saved i realized that i had erased all my links. in a minor panic i attempted to revert back to the original format but by then it was too late. and i have no idea what it was i had put, or where i had put it, that allowed me to add links to my page.

when i first started this site a friend of mine, who had encouraged me to do it because back then blogs were all the rage, gave me the html code from which to link my friends. from there i would just copy and paste it, changing the web addresses and names to reflect the correct page. but i dont remember what that code was and, maybe because im too lazy or maybe because im ashamed, i havent asked my friend who how to do it again.

Snooze tried to help at some point, and i think i tried her tricks, but apparently they didnt work. it could be that i was doing it wrong, it wouldnt be the first time, but i gave up after one feeble attempt.

now i wish i could link the people and pages i like. not for the traffic but because i like to share. there arent many but those that there are mean most. if anyone knows how to link friend on blogger, help a brother out. that is, if anyone actually read this trite anymore...


Anonymous dk said...

I guess now is a good time to thank you for linking to my blog for the last three years. Much appreciated...

10:30 PM EDT  

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