Wednesday, May 05, 2010

another commercial break

i found myself thinking about the white castle burger candle today. its a scented candle that smells like white castle burgers, if the name confused you.

i cant tell if its a brilliant new high in marketing, or an invasion of the senses by a fast food chain. i suppose maybe its both.

i mean, those that would buy a candle, that was scented like a white castle burger, are probably white castles target market demographic. so it makes perfect sense. except now instead of white castle having to wait until surge in hunger strikes or a tv advert inspires them, white castle is right there in their living room, teasing their olfactory system with the help of some wax and fire.

i, personally, feel sick even thinking about it. serious, i am slightly ill just considering the idea that the independent smell of white castle burgers exist.

and its not that i havent indulged in the gorging of five too many tiny, nearly pill like white castle burgers in one sitting myself; on multiple occasions i have, in fact. im not ashamed of it. but the inevitable consequences of these particular lapses always outweigh the pleasure of the experience. the unease that follows the meal just cant be forgotten.

at least for a while, until the alcohol and weed even the scales again.

but i cant say im not curious to actually smell it myself.

i cant imagine that anyone buying a white castle burger scented candle is thin. they have to be fat. and if they arent, then soon they will be. its inevitable. what else would a white castle burger lover not be able to resist, other than the smell of white castle burgers? if a person dies from a heart attack, because they bought white castle burger scented candles and was subtly URGED to go out and buy white castle burgers because the aroma of them just made thought of going without them any longer UNBEARABLE, would the spouse be able to sue?


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