Thursday, July 26, 2007

dont get me started

we were at a bar in the mission district of san francisco. by this time id wrapped my head around the fact that everyone in the city was insane to some degree. i was nursing a pint of Blue Moon and FM was sucking vodka tonics from a straw. there was a girl, a woman, sitting at the bar. she had on one of those floppy hats you see fishermen wear, it looked cute on her. FM said, -I'm gonna go and talk to her. i wished him godspeed.

we made our way to the bar and he bought us a round of shots, including her in the ritual. She was already two sheets to the wind, and when you got closer her real age revealed itself. i guessed her mid forties, though she was still a sweet catch. they exchanged names and FM introduced me and we all ordered another round, this time on me.

within five minutes she was talking about astrological signs and which ones were compatible and what our rising was in and how the moon changes everything. im sighing to myself because it all seems so typical in san francisco, one of the few cities in america where you can be middle aged and still worry about your horoscope over a beer before the sun goes down. i can hardly take it sometimes, there is too much room for madness in that city. you can try finding your self until the day you die there. the urgency to get it together just never sticks.

FM is taking the conversation in stride, unaffected by the lunacy in her tone. his hormones were in the drivers seat at this point, talking, hearing, feeling, everything he did controlled by sex and determination.

then she goes in about how she hates the blacks and the jews.

just to be clear, FM and i are black, there is no getting around that. yet here we were, in a bar having a strange conversation with this woman who hated blacks. and jews.

FM, only slightly derailed from his mission, points out the obvious, -But you realize, I'M black, right?

she says, -Yeah, but you look sort of gay, and i like that. Him though, and she points to me, -if he was walking towards me down the street at night i would cross it. He scares me.

-Him? FM exclaims, thumbing in my direction, -that fool is gayer than me!

-Yeah, but he's black. so he scares me.

i just stared at her, unfazed. it figured.

-Well what do you have against jews then? he ask.

she throws her hands in the air in an exaggerated display of exasperation, -Oh! dont even get me STARTED on the jews! she says.

we ordered another round of shots and i went outside to smoke a cigarette. later that night FM was fucking her from behind. people in san francisco are fucking crazy. i tell ya.


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