Friday, January 19, 2007

Llorando in the city

Here is the score, and I will have a proper update for you very soon, just give me a few more drinks:

I started a Wednesday night weekly party in the lower east side. We play house music because in 2007 its all about dropping pretensions and getting down to what you really love. its at 87 Ludlow, right off Delancy, deep inside the arteries of the city. Wednesday night. if you are in new york city and you like shaking your hips and getting liquored up for cheap, come on down. I'll be the guy playing records with a scotch and soda in his hand.

i also picked up a bartending gig at a nice local spot not too far from my neighborhood. This works with not only with my desperate alcohlic nature, but my appreciation for cash in hand after a hard nights drinking as well. It also frees my day for that other thing i've been up to. The Company.

My company is definitely growing. We have a pretty full roster of quality music coming out the first quarter of the new year, plus a few head turning propects for the future. Its starting to come together folks. In a years time i will either be draped in expensive jewelry or addicted to crack. If things work out to my favor, it'll be both [and since i dont care much for jewelry i'll eventually just sell that for more crack].

In any case, i will be updating regularly. Watch me.

below is one of the reasons it was so cool for my girlfriend to bump into David Lynch. enjoy.


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