Thursday, January 04, 2007

Unwashed Entertainment

I haven't changed from my pajamas all day. I haven't needed too. I've shuffled across my hardwood floors in soft, backless slippers since morning. My feet made a dull, scraping sound as I went from room to room checking emails and smoking cigarettes and pacing nervously, on the phone. From my laptop I've been listening to random episodes of Fresh Air, with Terry Gross (the Charlie Rose of radio) on NPR. Particularly, shows with Sacha Baron Cohen, the creators of The Wire, and selective movie reviews. Its been my "thing" today, talk radio is the new hip hop.

Here are some links for you to enjoy:

Stones Throw is so nice! They have offered up a free full length album of collaboration between Talib Kweli and Madlib, complete with artwork! What an awesome bunch of guys, right? Seriously. Stones Throw is one of the worlds better record labels, you should support them.

Well here we have the winner of the Best Tribute Band Award (or the BaTBA). I don't know, they are cool I guess. But Lez Zepplin and REO Speeddealer (who may not actually be a tribute band, but just a band with a colon shiveringly good name), are still pretty sweet in my book.

do you like youtube? Sure you do. You live and breathe, correct?

this is what some would call "amazing," and probably want to "marry it," and have all its "babies." it is of a guy that doesn't know how to play instruments. you should watch it.

I don't know what to make of this. Is it wrong that it made me frightened? what about that I also cried a little? Ok, well is it wrong that got a boner? That's wrong, right?

I really and truly wanted a beer after watching this, that is how impressed I was.

I hope you enjoyed the links. I got them from my grandmother.


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