Saturday, December 02, 2006

sparks in the sky

New York has a pace and if you cant keep with it you need to drop back into a slower lane, New Jersey, maybe. But as for me, I can’t afford to ease up, because slower lanes aren’t an option for me right now. If I get mellow the past will catch and then crush me. See, I aint got the time to merge.

Like at this show tonight: I kept buying miller high life in a can because if I got sierra Nevada in a pint glass then I would have been one beer short for the encore performance. So I had to play it out cleverly, and clocked the cheap fluids, then worked it like a blue collar ninja with a sleazy grin on my face. Shit dude. I can’t be dropping too much loot on the elixirs these days. My wallet is thin. I can practically cut lines with it.

And I went with a homie of mine, who paid my way because he was on the list. And I got a pack of loose tobacco before I left, because I would need cigarettes for the adventure. I drank a bit while I was at home, so I wouldn’t lean too much on the bar when I got there. And I cooked my dinner on the stove. And it tasted like something that would get served to you from an out of work model with long eyelashes and straight teeth.

Oh. And I got served up some weed from my main man in the hood. For free too. On the love tip. And I got a beer in the fridge and I think my bills are paid. My phone is on, and so’s my satellite cable, so its looking good at the palace for the month of December.

Who knows, maybe I'm speaking too soon. This all could be smoke and mirrors but fuck it. I'm as worthless as these words but shit man I tell ya, it aint been a bad night. Not a bad night at all.


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