Monday, July 10, 2006

Early Monday Push Out

This week I've decided to post every day. Not because I have so many readers bugging me to update, nor do I have much to actually say. But I figure if I start the day trying to formulate sentences in my head than the rest of the day will fall easily into place. Its sort of like waking up and sticking my finger down my throat, expelling all that’s left of the previous night and starting anew, only not as painful on the throat and less of a mess to clean up.

Lets just go into some recent top news stories:

Zidane totally lost his shit with only 3 minutes left in the world cup.

I don’t know how this happened. Throughout the entire Cup Zindane was a model of experience and composure, but in the final frame of the final match, he unraveled and attacked some dudes chest with his head. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty fucking core, to head butt someone in the chest. I mean, who even thinks of doing that? But it definitely cost the French their chances at getting the trophy, and ended his career on a sour, and completely baffling, note. The consensus around my pad is that the Italian guy said some wicked shit about his mother. Couple that with the frustration of missing a nearly perfect header into the goal, and you got yourself a bald head ramming straight into your sternum. Hey, you try being Zidane for a while.

A Scanner Darkly is released in theaters
A Scanner Darkly is probably my favorite Phillip K Dick novel, and I was intrigued to see how Richard Linklater would handle the material. I didn’t think the director, a visionary in his own right, would fuck up the book. He has a good track record working with actors and has a pretty keen eye for off kilter narrative [see: Slacker]. But there were certain aspects of the book that I was curious on how they would be translated into film. The first thing that springs to mind is the mask the main character wears, that scramble his face to become a thousand faces at once, and no face at all. I guess the film is done in the same style animation that Linklater's film Waking Life used, so that takes care of that. Keanu Reeves plays the main guy, which could be a hit or miss decision, but I’m still going to see it in theaters anyway.

George Bush said something stupid in front of a large crowd of people
I haven’t seen any specific reports on this, but it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure it happened, I mean, that’s what G Dub does right?

TV on the Radio release their new record
A friend of mine was trying to tell me he thought that TOTR was going to be the next Radiohead. Not that they would sound like our favorite English quintet, but they take a very atmospheric approach to songwriting and are trying to push the boundaries of rock. Plus they released an EP titled OK Calculator [according to Pitchfork], which is kinda like saying, "Hello indie rock fans, were the boutique version of your most beloved band. Please notice me.” I saw them live at the Brooklyn Free Concert Series a week or so ago, and yes, they were truly amazing. Did I want to have their babies? No. Did they make me cry from the sheer power of their rock? No. Did I make a note to myself to buy their album, Return to Cookie Mountain, as soon as it dropped? Yes.

I’m sure there are plenty more headlines for me to plunder through, but I’m stopping this here. No reason for me to blow my proverbial wad on Monday. Shit, the weeks just began; I gotta pace my shit out.

Ouch! That looks like it hurt. If you are like me than you were pretty into the Transformers cartoon as a kid. Well, they are making a live action movie of the show and it is being directed by [ugh, it hurts me t say this] Michael Bay. Check out the trailer here, I guess Mr. Bay is pretty good at making big things get blowed up, so I'm hoping it wont be horrid. The trailer looks cool, dontcha think? Hey, are you an old ass swinger? Do you like watching your partner get boned by strangers? than this site is for you! Godspeed you swinging old fool!


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