Thursday, June 15, 2006

Two Second Gaze

There were giggles first. Then an excited yelp and laughter. It was a woman’s voice. A girl’s giggle. A first dates yelp and laugh. I looked out my window, down into the street. All the cars were parked, other than that it looked empty. Then she stumbled into view and she was holding his hand and was pulling so that she wouldn’t fall. She had on a black skirt and I could see her long legs reaching beneath the light from the street lamps bulb. They crossed the street, fumbling at each other playfully. Innocently.

His hand would pull at her shoulder and she would brush him away. Then she would turn and push him away with her hand wide open and her head held back but before she actually shoved him off she would hold him there with her palm on his chest give him a look I could only describe as daring. Then he would stagger backward with a smirk on his face, and they would hold a two second gaze. Then she would double over in laughter and he would stand there staring at her. Then he would walk up and pull at her shoulder again.

She groped in her purse when they got to the bottom of the stoop, looking for her keys or something. He hung back on one of the stair railings and waited in quiet patience. Then they walked up and she opened the door and they both walked in at the same time, getting caught in the door with their shoulders pressed together, like you sometimes see on old sitcoms and maybe even some of the newer, more cliché sitcoms of today. And they both collapsed in laughter at the absurdity of it all, with her falling to the floor first and then him tumbling after.

For a few seconds I couldn’t see them. I could only see the darkness of the foyer and the dim light coming from the hall behind it. Then I saw him rise up, and he had her hand and was pulling her up with him.

That’s when they went into the hall and then up the stairs. I think I saw her fall once and him drop on top of her, and then they both spilled down the stairs and lay there at the bottom, shivering with hysterics. Then they both composed themselves. She turned to look at him for a second and he stood and stared right back into her. Then she ascended the stairs, her hand dropping behind her to lead him along.

I lost sight of them after that. Damn, I bet they had some awesome sex.

Every one should be familiar with the Kraftwerk catalog. It no doubt, has affected your life in some way or another. And yes, I would argue that. Oh, are you a producer/remixer? Well, how about doing some smoking Beastie Boy mash-ups? Here are the a capellas, don't ever say the Boys never gave you nothin. And look, i know you think you are soooo coool, because you read the interweb, but try reading some Kurt Vonnegut books every once in a while. I hear the guys pretty cool.


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