Monday, June 12, 2006

every second before sunset

Damn I just put on this old DJ Garth mix cd from way back in 1993. Its called No rest For the Wicked and it’s a fine slice of house music from a fine slice of time. The shutters are open and my hardwood floors look like someone, probably God, spilled a giant glass of sunshine on them. I’m smoking another rolled cigarette and looking out my window and blowing the smoke through the screen into the clear blue Brooklyn afternoon.

I got half a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on the top of my fridge. I got a James Brown break tearing up the background. I got my bills paid and my bed made and my laundry’s all folded and put away.

I’m going to listen to music and think of wide-open spaces. And tall blades of grass. And lakes with deep bottoms. I’m going to think of trees with limbs that hang down to the ground. And dirt roads that go on forever.

Shit, I’m broke as fuck and unsure of what’s what, but today is just feeling too nice and easy.

Wanna be all easy like me and listen to some old school San francisco house mixes? Check this site out, its a goldmine. Also, if anybody reads this and knows of some good music sites that cover hip hop, please send the links my way. We got a Sadat X record dropping and I want to get some online buzz going. You got any questions just email me.


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