Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Band Names

I’m going back to disco tomorrow, this time for my brothers graduation. I forget if I’ve told you this already. So much has been going on, its hard to keep up. I’ve been a busy little bee. Busy busy busy. Bzzzzzzzzzz

So I have to pack, which isn’t too hard and shouldn’t take me much longer than it would to say, watch an episode of Seinfeld, but I’ve been putting it off for a while and now its basically what most would call “the last minute.”

I’m not afraid of the last minute, in fact, I do my best work during those final seconds of the last minute. The last minute is only a threat on paper to me, but in reality, its all the time I need. Well, usually.

See, its not just the packing I have to do, which is enough in and of itself. What with all the folding of the shirts and the smelling of the underwear and the stashing of the porn and the hiding of the weed and the unplugging of all the many many dildos. There is plenty more I need to get done as well.

I plan to make a mix cd so that I can listen to some new records while I’m on the plane. I have to print out my SAR and bring it to school so that I can re-enter college in the fall. I have to call a few record labels and let the know contracts are on the way. I have to call someone, anyone in San Francisco and tell them to pick me up at the airport. I have to let the landlord in so that she and some handyman guy can fix our tub. I have to alphabetize all my gangsta rap cd’s. I have to watch Dr. Phil and curse at the television. I have to troll the internet looking for the perfect booty. I have to watch the season finale to Lost. I have to sit there and stare into space. I have to update my blog. Bzzzzzz.

Of course all this can be done, and will be done. There is all the time in the world between now and when my car comes to pick me up tomorrow morning at 5.30. and I can always update again while I’m in disco.

So in the mean time I’ve been thinking of awesome names for punk bands. Let me know if you like any of them, and if you are in a punk band and decide to use them, that’s fine, just acknowledge you got it from me and we are square.

Awesome names for punk bands:

Bad Guy Wins
Drug Money [or, The Drug Monies]
The Crusty Foreskins
Tub Water
The Rape Fantasies
Crotchety Old Men
Sleepover in Neverland
The Backstreet Boys

There are plenty others but I’ll doll them out like the rare vinyl at a used record store. If you want some more music oriented jibba jabba, check out this site for the newest MP3s on the web, then go and listen to this awesome mash up mix of the Hefty record catalog and crunk rappers. It’s the pure and unadulterated hotness.


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